Who is Frankie?

Frankie is the Edinburgh Falcon aka Frankie the Wheels.

Are you from Edinburgh?

No I am from New Zealand, somewhere near Dunedin, the Edinburgh of the South.

Are you a student?

No but if I said yes would that make it easier to digest than the fact I don’t want to work, get married, buy a house, own a dishwasher and would rather bike and live in a tent/you would still give me a discount?

Where did you get all your gear?

Mostly in Edinburgh from The Bike Station, Edinburgh Bikes, Bike Trax, Bike Works, Gumtree and various outdoor shops. But a few things I had with me already.

Wow you must be superfit?

You would think that but no we only pedal when we have too.

Is Frankie the best bike in the world?

Yes, I even have the certificate to prove it.



Why are there so many spelling mistakes, grammar errors and poorly taken photos on this blog?

I did it on my phone with my opposable thumbs, and maybe I am not that good at spelling, grammar or photography anyway.

Don’t you ever get scared or want to cry?

Yes, but worse things happen at sea, at least thats what they say right?

When are you going to stop?

When I go broke or Frankie does. Til death or lack of funds do us part.


One response to “FAQ”

  1. Raz says :

    Your pasted into the bookmarks on my phone – (from which I also updated my blogs so I sympathise with the opposable-thumbs-bigger-than-the-touch-screen-buttons annoyance). So there may be a camp chef ( I actually used to work with a gay chef who’s nickname was Bamps which always came up as ‘Camps’ in predictive text!) pedalling furiously in your direction …. Keep.on.keeping on and safe tyre tracks to you! X raz

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