2 responses to “Links”

  1. Raz says :

    Hey how’s the road treating you?
    Just a heads up to keep and eye on goings on in Egypt as there’s been more unrest on the news. And also to say that I ‘m plannıng to cycle towards India from Istanbul in a few months time (on the bike I don’t own yet but you’re familiar with that scenario right!). So if you’re wondering what to do after Africa, give me a shout – I’d love the company 🙂 safe pedalling x Raz

    • Emma and Frankie says :

      Cheers yeah I have caught wind of this, hoping its all over by the time I get there. Oh brilliant! But why would you tempt me so, i was going to try and give up the crack after Egypt! Well if you want any advice, I can pretty much tell you how not to organise a bike adventure 🙂

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